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How many Asgardian lives must we sacrifice? Till the last Asgardian falls, till the last drop of blood is shed!

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I’m gonna fight ‘em off.

Tumblr and ukrainian crisis


So I must say I’m a little disgusted. And disappointed. I mean Ferguson started like 4 weeks ago? And I still see posts about it on my dash. Not that I think that’s not important so please don’t lynch me but you’re expecting us all to care. And by you i mean americans and by us non-americans mostly. You expect people from every part of the world to reblog it and spread the word because it’s IMPORTANT. And it is. And we reblog it even if it doesn’t affect us personally. In my case I don’t even see black people on daily basic.
Most popular post about Ferguson has more than 18k notes yet before I made spam about Ukraine I didn’t see even one about ukrainina situation. The most popular post abour russian invasion has 800 notes and it’s humoristic map from Canada. You expect us to care about something on different continent yet you don’t care about war in Europe. About people fighting for their lives and for their freedom. People fighting without support from the West because Russia said they didn’t do anything and of course those pro-russian separatists found tanks and guns in the shop next door. And the West won’t do anything because russian has influence over everything. They “expressed deep concern” which is their deadliest weapon. Obama made great speech but it was only a speech. I don’t think that most of you know that after USSR Ukraine held the third largest nuclear arsenal IN THE WORLD. And they returned it all to Russia for economic aid and security assurances from Russia, UK and USA. But after Crimea they had second thoughts because they made themselves vulnerable. And nobody helped. And probably nobody will because the West and USA are happy there are countries between Russia and them. 
So I’m angry that yes, Ferguson is important and yes, Middle East is important but when you go on tumblr you think that war in Europe is not important at all. That almost nobody cares about people dying and not getting help because the West is scared of Russia. And I’m not saying that nobody cares because people were reblogging my posts and not only my friends from Poland but still. you get my point. I hope so.

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Trying to figure out that arm, still. The plating’s a bit off but at least the elbow issue has been solved!

Sketches are from the concept art as well as stills from the movie (p.s. I wouldn’t recommend using the production photos as references as they haven’t been CGI’d yet and aren’t accurate)

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I am an Avenger.


avengers meme - 3/4 colors
↳ green and black